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Parker May Scrap Pit Bull Ban, Beef Up Dangerous Dog Law

PARKER, Colo. -- Another city in Colorado is talking about banning pit bulls and the issue is expected to gain momentum Tuesday night when the Parker City Council members will discuss the possible breed ban.

The last item on the city council's agenda Tuesday night is a second reading of a possible pit bull ban. However, Parker's mayor said that the discussion may focus more on dangerous dogs than on banning pit bulls.

For the past two weekends, pit bull owners RJ and Kay O'Connor have been gathering signatures opposing the ban. They stood in front of pet stores, introducing residents to their two dogs, in hopes people of showing people the good-natured attitude and good nature of most pit bulls with good owners. The O Connors say rather than creating a ban on that type of dog, beefing up the current dangerous dog ordinances would be better.

Parker's mayor, who favored the pit bull ban originally, said an alternative may work.
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"It's going to cover probably more of a vicious dog ordinance. So it's going to be across the board -- for vicious dogs. And I think what's going to happen is that you're going to see more onus on the owners. That's what's going to happen. So if something happens, it's your responsibility. You're going to get nailed for it, " said Parker Mayor David Casiano.

Those who specifically don't want pit bulls living in Parker are expected to show up at the meeting and be very outspoken.
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