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Postby gsdaddy » January 9th, 2009, 11:21 pm

My sister-in-law called me today and told me to look up this story - she saw it on the news. Thankfully there are no pictures with the story, she said there was on TV and that it was pretty graphic. It breaks my heart and makes me mad; but at least this once, the pit bull is not the bad guy in the news. ... 59d47.html

It's just horrible.
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Postby gsdaddy » January 10th, 2009, 12:49 am

Hey! I think I posted this in the wrong place - feel free to move it if I did.
Also I wanted to include the story and not just a link, but my computer's being hinky.

North Texas police investigate fatal shooting of pit bull
08:21 AM CST on Friday, January 9, 2009
By RICHARD ABSHIRE / The Dallas Morning News

McKinney police are trying to determine whether a fatal shooting this week was a case of self-defense or malice, but whatever they decide, the gunman will face no more than a fine.
The victim was a pit bull. The shooter was an off-duty Dallas police officer.
The dog, named Camryn, and her sister, Sierra, escaped Tuesday morning and crossed paths with Tamra Chapman, who was walking in the 8300 block of Cotton Ridge Road.
She told police the two pit bulls cornered her and she used her cellphone to call her husband, police Officer Jason Chapman.
By the time he arrived, neighbors had coaxed the dogs away from his wife, who was not injured.
Jason Chapman, 25, told investigators that one of the dogs then approached him aggressively and he shot it, anywhere from four to six times, according to varying witness accounts, said Capt. Randy Roland of the McKinney Police Department.
"The investigation continues," Roland said Thursday. "There are several witnesses. We'll be talking to the dog's owner."
Jason Chapman could not be reached for comment Thursday.
Neighbor Naomi Jones said she wasn't there to see the dogs corner Tamra Chapman, but she saw the shooting and says she never felt threatened by the doomed dog.
When she saw the off-duty officer, she said, she assumed he was the dog's owner.
"I saw the dog trotting toward him as if he was calling him," Jones said. "He shot the dog at least six times. ... It was totally excessive. [The dog] was not a threat."
Roland said his department is investigating the incident as a case of discharging a firearm within city limits, a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500, not as animal cruelty.
Dallas police Deputy Chief Vince Golbeck said the shooting is under investigation and will be referred to internal affairs, as is routine. Chapman joined the force in January 2007.
Chapman "made the proper notifications," said Golbeck, commander of the patrol division where Chapman works. "At this point, there's nothing that raised red flags."
Chapman did not use his service gun in the shooting.
The dogs' owner, Kevyn Allen, said she picked up Sierra the next morning from Animal Control and asked about Camryn.
"We have her," she was told. "But she's not alive."
Allen said she was shocked because the dog had never escaped or been aggressive before and doesn't understand why Chapman shot her.
"I would guess he was angry at the dog for scaring his wife," she said. "I'm sorry if that happened."
Allen said she plans to file an internal affairs complaint with the Dallas Police Department against Chapman.
What has upset the neighborhood, she said, is not just the death of her dog but that Chapman put people and property at risk by firing his gun so many times on a residential street with people outside in their yards.
"To find out he's a police officer – it's scary," she said.
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