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Pits in the news and info on Breed Specific Legislation.

Postby dogged » November 14th, 2008, 6:37 pm

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In Monroe, WA some ignorant council members are proposing the addition of breed specific language which would make several breeds inherently "dangerous" in the city of Monroe.

This alert was sent out by an informed member of the council who is asking for the publics help in stopping this. He is the only reason why there is even a public meeting on the matter as other council members wanted to forgo it but he motioned to have a meeting. has posted a petition which can be mailed or faxed to city council member Mitch Ruth. He will make sure ALL statements, letters and petitions make it to the city council meeting on the 18th of this month at 7pm.

Anyone in the Monroe, WA area who can attend PLEASE DO!

This is a big deal, the Snohomish County Council is AGAINST BSL and many ALL BREED and even APBT ONLY events are held in Monroe at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds. The director of the fairgrounds has even spoken out against this.

Below is the information sent to me from Mitch Ruth.

Original Message
Date: Thursday, October 30, 2008, 1:46 PM


My name is Mitch Ruth; I am a Councilman for the City of Monroe. I need your help in rallying those who may also be in opposition to breed specific laws. Currently before the City Council of Monroe is a new ordinance which would list the following breeds as "Potentially Dangerous";
• Akita
• American Pit Bull Terrier
• Cane Corso
• Dogo Argentino
• Dogue de Bordeaux
• Kuvasz
• Pit Bull Terrier
• Presa Carnario
• Staffordshire Bull Terrier
• Tosa Inu
• Or, any mix of dog which contains as an element of its breeding, any of the afore mentioned breeds.

By ordinance, the definition of "potentially dangerous" would mean; ".any dog which inflicts bites upon humans or domestic animal, or chases or approaches a person upon the streets, sidewalks, or any public grounds in a menacing fashion or apparent attitude of attack, or any dog with a known propensity, tendency or disposition to attack unprovoked, to cause injury or otherwise threaten the safety of humans or domestic animals. Potentially dangerous dog also means any dog that is known by the owner or should be reasonably be known by the owner to be an. [Insert above list of breeds]".

In other words, by owning a dog on this list, you understand that "it" has a propensity for unprovoked attacks and is a danger to humans and domestic animals. This law would be very similar to that of Auburn, Washington; which in my opinion is the worst in our state, and one of the worst in the country.

This has come about because of several recent back to back incidents involving one single irresponsible pit bull owner. I do not contest in any way that decisive action is needed in these incidents. But to penalize every innocent dog/dog owner on this list is unwarranted and unjust. I vigorously oppose this law as proposed. But I am only one vote. I need your help, and the help of others to prevent this from becoming the first step in a breed specific ban. I have proposed that any reference to specific breeds be stricken, and the individual behavior of the dog be sole the guiding factor in determining whether a dog is potentially/ actually dangerous. I support stiff penalties and strict liability for those dog owners whose irresponsible actions threaten the public safety, or cause actual harm/damage others and/or their property. This should be of concern to all dog owners, not just the owners of those breeds who have arbitrarily and capriciously made the above list. Unjust and unwarranted laws that trample upon the rights of owners of specific dog breeds diminish the rights of all dog owners.

Please spread the word. This is likely to become law within the next 30-45 days. Feel free to post this email anywhere it might help and to share my contact information as well. I will share any/all emails and letters of opposition with the entire council. Rather than allow this to fly under the radar and be passed without public hearing or comment, I have demanded a public hearing before this goes to the final vote of the council. I encourage as many as possible to attend the public hearing. If attendance is out of the question, please make your feelings known through emails and phone calls. I will ensure that each and every email becomes a part of the public record/testimony against the passage of this law. If you wish to address the entire council in one email, please use; councilmembers@ ci.monroe.

Mitch Ruth
City of Monroe, WA

I may be individually contacted via email at either my personal acct at; &
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Postby irwi » December 16th, 2008, 8:41 am

I feel so sorry for the people that can have no dog they want.
In Holland (Netherland) we just stopped the pitbull law and we are so happy.
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