Harrisburg, IL Keeping Dogs on a Tight Leash

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Keeping Dogs on a Tight Leash

HARRISBURG -- Harrisburg officials are telling dog owners to keep an eye on their pets, or face some repercussions. That's after 67 calls in just a six week period complaining about pit bulls on the loose, even attacking people. Harrisburg Animal Control Officer Mike Sullivan deals with dogs everyday, the ones he says cause the most trouble, Pit Bulls. He says almost every dog bite that's happened in town has been from pit bulls. One bite he remembers sent a little boy the hospital.

"Pit Bull come up, they own pits so the little boy thought it was ok, the dog bit him in the face," said Sullivan.

Now, Harrisburg officials are sending out an appeal to dog owners. Urging them to keep their dogs chained or on a leash, or face a fine. But one Harrisburg dog owner, who didn't want to give out his name, says pit bulls can be extremely friendly, if they're trained properly.

"I think they giving that dog a bad name, because of a few bad seeds," said the owner.

The owner keeps his dogs on a chain and has warning signs posted. He says he's never had any complaints. And both he and Sullivan agree, it's not always the Pit Bulls that are the problem, it's the owners.

"People own Poodles that attack people, and you don't see protests about Poodles," said the owner.

"It doesn't matter to me if its a Pit Bull or a Poodle, the animal needs to be taken care of, the animal needs to be on a leash or in a pen or chained up whatever the case may be," added Sullivan.

Right now, if your dog is picked up in Harrisburg you're looking at a $75 fine plus some extra costs if the dog bit anyone or doesn't have a rabies vaccine. Harrisburg officials say they're working to beef up their dog ordinance, to hold dog owners more accountable.

By Ryan Kruger

http://www.wsiltv.com/p/news_details.ph ... 5&type=top

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