Cheraw, SC Council looks at tighter leash on pet laws

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Council looks at tighter leash on pet laws
Thursday, August 7, 2008 2:49 PM CDT
Charlotte K. Berger

CHERAW ��” The Cheraw Town Council held a special meeting during briefing on July 30 to review the town’s Animal Control Ordinance to determine if any amendments were necessary.

Town Administrator Bill Taylor presented a comparison of animal control ordinances in Cheraw and the city of Mauldin.

One issue the town is looking at is the leash law. Cheraw’s ordinance currently allows a 10-foot leash. Mauldin has an ordinance of an eight-foot leash.
Mayor Scott Hunter and Town Administrator Bill Taylor recommended that the council review the current ordinances and suggest any amendments necessary. An update was to be brought to the table on Aug. 6. No decisions will be made until council has completed it reviews.

The current Animal Control Ordinances include topics as follows:

Duties of the animal control officer, restraint and confinement, concealment of pets, displaying animals, limitation of the number of animals, animal care, registration of animals, keeping of reptiles or dangerous wild animals, squirrels and songbirds protected, dead animals, transporting of animals, vicious animals, restraint of guard dogs, animal wastes prohibited in certain areas, noisy pets prohibited, condition of animal pens, impoundment of nuisance animals, redemption of impounded animals, rabies control, animal cruelty, animal nuisance, penalties, dogs prohibited in parks, animal bites and quarantine.

Council members made reference to a Cheraw resident that was attacked while walking her dog last year, using the incident as an example of the importance of these ordinances.

Taylor said that it is the pet owners responsibility to see that his or her animal does not attack anyone.

“I feel that if you want a dog, you have to have it on a proper restraint for the safety of everyone,” said Councilman Randy Butler.

Cheraw Animal Control Director Henry Griggs agreed.

“These laws are put into place to be enforced, and I will do the best of my ability to enforce them,” said Griggs.

He also suggested that specific signage be placed in certain sections of the parks for pet owners.

Hunter suggested to have designated sections as well for pet owners to walk their dogs.

“The safety of our citizens is the priority of this council,” said Hunter. ... 671996.txt

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