Dunn, N.C. Officer Puts Dog Down

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Dunn Officer Puts Dog Down
• Rottweiler reportedly tried to bite his face.

Brian Haney
Daily Record Reporter

Dunn Police received a call Saturday morning from Tart Park reporting that there was a large rottweiler behind the dugouts of the softball field that was chasing after balls hit by children playing baseball on the field. When the children would try to retrieve the balls, the dog reportedly growled at them and was behaving aggressively.

Officer Pepe Aguilar responded to the incident and tried to remove the dog from the area and take it to the animal shelter.

While Officer Aguilar was walking the dog to his patrol car, the rottweiler, who he reported appeared to be docile, unexpectedly turned on him and, out of nowhere, jumped on him and attempted to bite him in the face.

Officer Aguilar kicked the dog off him and shot it as it was coming back at him, the officer reported. Wounded, the dog ran, limping into the Sunrise Estates housing development. Officer Aguilar chased it, reportedly in an effort to keep the wounded dog from harming anyone else, and called for backup. Two other officers and an animal control officer responded to help.

After a lengthy chase, through the subdivision and down South Elm Avenue in Dunn, the rottweiler was finally put down.

Residents who witnessed the chase reported hearing three shots fired when the dog was finally caught.

Animal control was called to remove the dog from the roadway.
http://www.dunndailyrecord.com/main.asp ... M=43980.55

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