Elyria, OH Owner Arrested After Pit Bull Gets Loose

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Owner Arrested After Pit Bull Gets Loose
POSTED: 6:53 pm EDT August 6, 2008
UPDATED: 7:14 pm EDT August 6, 2008

ELYRIA, Ohio -- A dog fight in Elyria has some neighbors living in fear while the dog owner says he is the victim.

The fight landed, Willie Taylor, the owner of the pit bull mix, in jail.

Animal control officers took 2-year-old Beethoven away Wednesday afternoon, saying the animal is evidence in an ongoing investigation.

The dog pulled lose from where he was chained up in Taylor's yard earlier this week and chased a neighbor.

Taylor said it was his fault because the lock on Beethoven's chain may not have been secure, but said it has never happened before.

However, neighbors said they see Beethoven roaming the neighborhood all the time, chasing adults and children.

By law, Beethoven is considered a vicious dog and allowing him to roam off a leash is a first-degree misdemeanor.

The dog will remain at the county pound until the investigation is complete.


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