Mississauga, Canada Man says he was attacked by a pit bull

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Man says he was attacked by a pit bull

By: Louie Rosella

August 5, 2008 01:34 PM - A Mississauga man suffered minor injuries after being attacked by what he’s convinced was a pit bull.
George Pursar was walking his two labs Sunday at about 10:30 p.m. near St. Timothy School, on Cliff Rd., when he was approached from the other direction by two young men with a dog.
“The dog must have weighed at least 120 pounds. It was unleashed and it wasn’t wearing a collar,” Pursar said. “I fled into the schoolyard to get away and the dog chased and proceeded to attack me.”
Pursar, who’s in his 40s, was bitten on his hand and leg. His dogs were not injured.
Pursar used his cell phone to call Peel Regional Police, who arrived and apprehended the dog owner.
Pursar said he was informed by the officer that the man will be charged with walking a dog without a leash.
“I can’t believe that’s all he was charged with. He and his companion tried to flee the scene,” he said. “Also, they went with this vicious animal into a schoolyard where there could’ve been children playing.”
Pursar went to his family doctor Tuesday morning to have his injuries attended to.
Police have confirmed the incident, but offered no details since the occurrence report is yet to be filed. They haven’t identified the dog as a pit bull.
Under amendments to the Dog Owners’ Liability Act, enacted in 2005, pit bulls must be spayed or neutered and leashed and muzzled in public. A court can order a pit bull destroyed if its owner is found to have contravened a provision of the Act or the dog has bitten, attacked or posed a menace to the public.
Furthermore, Queen's Park has made it illegal to own a dog determined to be a pit bull and purchased by the owner since 2005.
Cst. Samantha Nulle told The News that Peel police liaise with Mississauga Animal Control in all cases of dog bites.
Pursar blames the owner for the attack.
“I have no hard feeling about the animal. It’s the owner who was irresponsible by not leashing his dog, especially when it’s a pit bull.”


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