Nebraska Pit bull reputation under heavy fire

Pits in the news and info on Breed Specific Legislation.

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Pit bull reputation under heavy fire

(8/03/2008) By Adam Lefkoe - A Growing number of Nebraska Cities are considering bans on Pit Bulls. Supporters say it is a safety measure, calling the dogs vicious and unpredictable. But owners of the dogs paint a very different picture.

Lately, Pit Bulls just can't seem to stay out of the news.

“People hear the word pit bull, they immediately think vicious dog,” said Jane Kuehn, Animal Control.

Pit bull attacks have caused cities all over the state to discuss a possible ban of the breed. Those who own the animal think they're making a mistake.

“The best dogs I've ever owned,” said Erin Brittain.

In her five years of owning pit bulls, Brittain has never seen her dogs be overly aggressive. She believes if the pet is violent, it's the owners fault.

“It's the people that actually care about their animals that are going to be better animals,” said Brittain.

To avoid problems, The Humane Society believes owners should take more precautions.

“I'd have a privacy fence, something like that. If I walked my dog, I'd keep it on a muzzle. There's just so many ways that you could get around this situation,” said Kuehn.

Brittain's neighbors put up a safety fence, but they still don't feel safe enough to let their kids play alone.

“We have a fenced in backyard. There shouldn't be any reason a five year old and a three year old can't go into their own back yard and swing,” said Creighton Hamburger.

Brittain says her pit bulls are always around children.

“One of my friends has a two and a three year old, and my dogs haven't done anything,” said Brittain.

She is worried that city council will. For Brittain, it would be like losing a child.

“I have of course my daughter, but they're like my family,” said Brittain.

And that brings us to the results of our News 5 Weekend Poll Question. With all attention the pit bulls have been getting lately, we asked if you think the dogs are getting a bad rap.

Well, it appears most of you don't think so.
68% say pit bulls aren't getting a bad rap.
32% say they are.

As always, the results are not scientific, and we thank you for your votes. ... orytopic=4

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