Allen Park, Michigan Pit bull ban weighed after shih tzu is

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Pit bull ban weighed after shih tzu is killed
Loose dogs attacked city official's pets


Other municipalities across Michigan have banned pit bulls, but Allen Park could become the first to do so after a local official's pet was killed by them.

The City Council's Legal Affairs Committee is to meet Tuesday to consider outlawing the breed -- and dogs that are part pit bull -- after two pit bull mixes killed one of Councilwoman Beverly Kelley's dogs and injured the other last month.

The two male shih tzus, both 5, were in Kelley's yard barking when the dogs attacked them around noon on July 12, Kelley said.

Cujo was killed, and Boss required surgery.

"I stood there and had to watch this whole thing," she said. "One dog had killed one of the animals, and the other had the other little one in his mouth. ... There shouldn't be dogs like that for any reason."

Allen Park police tracked down the owner of the dogs, which neighbors had reported running loose all morning, Chief Dean Tamsen said.

Susan Jaeger of Lincoln Park was ticketed for having a vicious animal, a dog at large, and no dog tags on the rottweiler-pit mix and the Labrador-pit mix. The dogs are being held at the local animal shelter pending a court hearing later this month about whether they should be put down, said Allen Park City Attorney Tony Guerriero.

Jaeger did not return calls seeking comment.

Under the proposed ordinance, owning a pit bull would become a misdemeanor with a penalty of up to 90 days in jail and a $500 fine, Guerriero said. Pit bulls already owned by residents would not be affected.

Other communities that have pit-bull ordinances include Melvindale, Grosse Pointe Woods, Ecorse and Highland Park. In May, Livingston County adopted a resolution preventing the county Animal Control Department from adopting out so-called bully breeds.

Campaigns to ban pit bulls in Plymouth and Detroit failed.

But St. Francis Animal Hospital's Dr. Marilyn Kedzierski, a pit bull owner, opposes the ban.

"I don't think it's a total breed issue, and there are other breeds out there that do lot of damage and cause problems," she said, adding that pit bulls at her clinic have never hurt anyone.

But for Kelley, Allen Park's proposed law won't bring Cujo back, though. Boss "goes out, but stays right beside you," Kelley said. "He looks around for him all the time when it's feeding time, and lies in a place where the other always laid."

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