Clay County, FL Hearing canceled after pit bulls move

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Postby cheekymunkee » August 3rd, 2008, 12:17 am

Hearing canceled after pit bulls move
My Clay Sun

A code enforcement hearing set for Thursday over a pit bull dispute has been canceled because the subject of the complaint has moved, officials said.

Dewey Nicks of Middleburg, the owner of two pit bulls cited in June with terrorizing neighbors, has moved out of the Gopher Circle home he was renting. Concerned neighbors withdrew their complaints Wednesday and the hearing was canceled.

"As long as the dogs are gone, we're happy," resident George Ferrell said. "I just feel sorry for his new neighbors."

Ferrell and other Gopher Circle residents reported that Nicks' dogs assaulted a great-grandmother who was taking out her garbage, fatally mauled a cat and viciously charged at people. Residents resorted to carrying mace and purchased guns as protection.

Nicks had trouble keeping his dogs contained, according to Connie Goon, director of Clay County's animal control division, who ordered Nicks to appear before a special magistrate before which Nicks and neighbors could share testimony, evidence and photos. The magistrate could have imposed fines if Nicks was found in violation. ... 1226.shtml

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