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Curb vicious dog owners
The Province
Published: Friday, August 01, 2008

When do pit bulls and other guard-type dogs go from being lovable and protective companions to being potentially lethal weapons in what are essentially criminal assaults?

Well, it's when the owners of these animals use them as part of some kind of macho power trip, setting them loose on fellow dog owners and their pets.

That is why we view with alarm the news in yesterday's Province that the owner of a pack of pit-bull crosses is likely responsible for at least eight violent attacks in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

As reporter Cassidy Olivier notes, regional bylaw officers say it is only a matter of time before these canine bullies strike again.

In June, in one the nastier attacks, three of the pit-bull crosses mauled a leashed Bichon so savagely it had to be put out of its misery.

Last year in Surrey, a cyclist and a jogger had to fight for their own lives when half-dozen of the dogs went after them, causing a variety of injuries.

In eight attacks, one man has been identified through licence-plate checks as the dogs' owner.

Let's hope he is brought swiftly to justice and pays dearly for the suffering he is reported to have caused.

Judging by recent reports, there are too many neanderthals out there who think it's OK to start dog fights without any consideration for others.

In fact, they seem to enjoy the fear they cause and the mayhem they spread -- believing, no doubt that, since they aren't directly responsible for the violence, they won't pay any great penalty for it.

When you boil it down, however, there is little difference between beating people up yourself or getting your dogs to brutalize them.

As the owner of dogs and other animals, you are responsible for their behaviour.

And this particular owner clearly knows what his dogs are likely to do.

Of course, it isn't just the immediate victims of these attacks whom this sick individual is hurting.

He is helping bolster the ranks of those who view pit bulls and pit-bull crosses as so inherently vicious they should be barred from civilized society.

So, if he has any compassion left for dogs or other humans, he should turn himself in, pay for his crimes and get the psychological help he obviously needs.

As for our justice system, it's high time it got tough on all irresponsible dog owners. Big fines and even jail sentences are needed in the more serious cases. ... 1d5409d72b

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