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This report can be found at the bottom of this page:
http://www.nationalcanineresearchcounci ... ession.asp

Do Pit Bulls Inflict Injuries Unlike Other Breeds of Dogs?

Descriptions of the type of fatal injuries dogs have inflicted on
their few unfortunate victims is a graphic topic that NCRC has been
hesitant to address. Fatal dog attacks are exceedingly rare
occurrences; and in light of the fact that many people already harbor
a highly disproportionate fear of being killed by a dog, there seemed
no useful purpose in addressing the nature and type of injuries a
victim sustained during such an attack, nor do we wish to compromise
the privacy of victims or sensationalize their tragedies.

Unfortunately, selected groups and individuals are making claims
about the severity and nature of Pit bull attacks versus the severity
and nature of other (non-bully) breed attacks and exposing victims'
identities and descriptions of victims' injuries to forward their
personal theories and agenda.

Virtually all of the claims about the "unique damage that Pit bulls
inflict" are made by individuals or special interest groups with no
knowledge or experience in analyzing fatal dog bite injuries. For
this reason, the NCRC feels compelled to address these tactics and

For nearly two decades the NCRC has investigated and analyzed fatal
dog attack injuries. The NCRC has previously stated that it is
impossible to determine the breed of dog by reviewing an autopsy
report or photo, as no breed of dog has a particular method of attack
or inflicts an exclusive type of injury.

Below is a list of 15 different victims of a dog attack along with
the description of the fatal wounds as listed on the autopsy report.
Each victim was attacked and killed by a single dog. Each victim was
killed by a different breed of dog (for a total of 15 different
breeds*). Only one victim was killed by a Pit bull (or any type of
bully breed).

Victim 1: Multiple penetrating wounds to the abdomen
Victim 2: Collapsed lungs, multiple wounds to the chest, partial
Victim 3: Massive head and neck injuries
Victim 4: Multiple bite wounds, dismemberment
Victim 5: Extensive scalp and neck injuries
Victim 6: Multiple lacerations of scalp and neck, depressed skull
Victim 7: Exsanguination from multiple bite wounds
Victim 8: Skull fracture and severe bites to upper back and face
Victim 9: Multiple penetrating wounds to back and chest
Victim 10: Severe bite wounds to the head
Victim 11: Severe bites, massive bleeding, broken facial & neck bones
Victim 12: Massive head injuries
Victim 13: Severe, multiple penetrating injuries to head and neck
Victim 14: Massive bite injuries to lower extremities, dismemberment
Victim 15: Severe scalp, facial wounds, laceration of jugular
Fifteen different breeds inflicted the fatal wounds listed above. The
breeds were:

Siberian husky
Chow chow
Pit bull
Sheepdog-type dog
Labrador Retriever
Chesapeake Bay Retriever
St. Bernard
German Shepherd dog
Golden Retriever
Mixed breed (no discernable breed visible)
It is virtually impossible for anyone to match the breed of dog with
the fatal injuries listed above - as such - claims that one breed of
dog inflicts injuries unlike other breeds have no merit.

(Fatal wounds / breed matches can be obtained upon request).

* Breeds were chosen for this sample only if the breed has been
involved in more than one human fatality (i.e., Airedale Terrier,
Pomerarian, Jack Russell Terrier,, were not used as only one
human fatality has been attributed to each of these breeds in the
United States).
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