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No Dog Attack At Topsail Police Say

Craig Huckerby for
Thursday, July 3, 2008, 12:14PM

Sault Ste. Marie Police say they have not heard of any dog attack Monday at Topsail Island - despite a person claiming that's what happened at Topsail Island where people are walking their dogs off leash.

A person by the name of "Scalerman" posted that a dog attacked his daughter at Topsail Island on a Sault Ste. Marie message board,

Scalerman contacted to clarify what happened.

He said he contacted the Park Security and they called City Police. "Scalerman" who did not want to be identified said he did talk to a Police Officer on the phone.

"It's assault in my eyes" Scalerman told

He said a medium size dog ran quite a ways and then jumped on his daughter. "She was pretty scared" the man said, however the girl was not harmed in anyway. Scalerman said this was his first time at the park and is also concerned that the city has not allowed people to run their dogs off leash in a safe and designated area. Currently, the use of Topsail Island for off leash goes against the city by-law.

The controversy surrounding Topsail Island as a leash free zone has been on-going for several years.

People requested that the City look at establishing one in the city and the Dog Owner's Group preferred Topsail because of the history of people taking their dogs to the remote part of Bellevue Park for over 30 years without incident.

Constable Tempesta told that no calls came in regarding a dog attack of any serious nature.

The City legal department has also indicated that at no time in the past has anyone has been injured from a dog at Topsail Island.

Two weeks ago the City accepted the recommendation of the Parks Recreation Advisory Committee to establish a leash free zone on city property beside the Humane Society. The DOG group has told the city the area does not meet the criteria for a leash free area there.

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