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Dangerous dog label questioned
By: Roger S. Lucas

The "dangerous dog" status of "Loki," a white husky dog is being reconsidered by the Electric City Council.

The council recently declared the dog "dangerous" after it allegedly killed a neighbor's cat, and a search of the city ordinance found that this made Loki a dangerous dog.

The dog's temporary guardian, Kathy Delores Wilson, appeared before the council last Tuesday night to argue the point. She was temporarily taking care of the dog for her granddaughter, Erica Mae Kelly, a college student, who was also at the meeting.

Wilson stated that official police reports were vague and contradictory, and that Loki was a mild-natured dog that wouldn't intentionally hurt anything.

A neighbor had allegedly seen Loki kill the cat, but upon Wilson's own investigation it was found that the neighbor saw the dog standing over the cat, not kill it.

"Ray Halsey, you've known me for 62 years and know I wouldn't keep a mean dog," she said. Halsey is mayor. He didn't reply to her statement.

It was established that the cat was 17 years old, and Kelly stated there were no puncture wounds on the animal.

The explanation raised enough doubts among council members that they told Wilson they would conduct their own investigation. Council members invited Wilson back to their next meeting.

If the dog continues to be declared "dangerous," Wilson or Kelly will have to appear in court to face the charges. A court date was set for July 25, unless the council is persuaded to re-

visit the "dangerous" declaration.

A "dangerous" dog status requires the owner of the animal to pen the dog and put up large signs warning people. The penalty for violating the ordinance is a fine of $250, or possible destruction of the animal.

If the council drops the status of Loki to potentially dangerous, a warning would be in effect.

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