STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA Officers bitten while responding to dog

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Officers bitten while responding to dog attack

By The Record
July 02, 2008 6:00 AM

STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA - Animal control officers were bitten by a pit bull Tuesday in unincorporated east Stockton while following up on a report from the night before that a dog at the address had leapt through an open window, crossed a street and bit a girl in an unprovoked attack, county officials said.

When the two county officers arrived at the house in the 200 block of South Walker Lane about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, the dog attacked them, inflicting deep puncture wounds in the left arm and midsection of one officer and the thumb of the other, said Ernest Molieri, manager at the San Joaquin County Animal Control Division.

"Apparently, the dog in question jumped out of an open window," he said. It was the worst dog attack on county animal control officers in recent memory, he said.

The two were taken to San Joaquin General Hospital, where they were treated and released. The extent of the injuries of the girl attacked Monday night was not available, Molieri said.

After being injured, the officer who had been bitten in the midsection was able to retrieve the necessary equipment to restrain the dog while the other officer held the dog in a bearhug.

The county has begun the process to designate the animal a dangerous dog, and it was taken to the animal shelter for a state-mandated quarantine, Molieri said. ... /-1/A_NEWS
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