GLENDALE, CO Pit Bull Attacks 5-year-old and Her Dad

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Pit Bull Attacks 5-year-old and Her Dad
Last Edited: Thursday, 26 Jun 2008, 10:17 PM MDT
Created: Thursday, 26 Jun 2008, 10:14 PM MDT
by Jon Bowman
FOX 31 reporter

GLENDALE, CO - A Glendale girl nearly loses her eye when a neighbors pit bull named Outlaw attacks her, only the quick reactions of her father, Robert Harrison saved her from the mauling.

It happened in the 500 block of South Fairfax while Jayden Harrison was with her dad at a friends apartment. The little girl was petting the dog when he latched onto her face.

"He just grabbed me and began biting me, then my dad started choking and kicking it. The dog is huge and his bites left me dripping blood all over the place.

Police say Glendale has a vicious animals law, but no pit bull ban, so for now the dog is on lock down with its owners for the next ten days.

"I am very familar with pit bulls, but this is the first time one of mine has bitten anyone, this was a big mistake," Brandon Dale. "I know the law and what I have to do with him... he has to go"

Police say they plan to cite the owners Dale and Tina Byrd. As for father and daughter, they have lasting injuries and will require medical treatment going forward.

Robert's thumb is damaged as his Jayden's face, they both say they are lucky to be alive. ... geId=3.2.1
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