Rash of Dog Attacks Spreads Through US

Pits in the news and info on Breed Specific Legislation.

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Rash of Dog Attacks Spreads Through US
Posted : Thu, 26 Jun 2008 18:37:44 GMT

Former KGB Dog Trainer and 'World Famous Russian Dog Wizard' Speaks Out Regarding Dog Aggression DETROIT, June 26

DETROIT, June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- (ZealousPR) -- After learning of the many
dog attacks that have occurred in the past few days, celebrity dog trainer,
Vladae Roytapel, announced today, "While many cities and states focus on breed
bans and stronger aggressive dog laws, we need to be focusing on the
relationship between the dog and the owner. American dog owners need to learn
how to become the Alpha."

A Google News search for the search term "dog attacks" yields recent
headlines, "Three Dog Attacks This Week in Yahima", "Dog Attacks Seriously
Injures 4 People in Omaha" and "Second Dog Attack in a Week" (just to name a
few, and all in different parts of the country), and is the reason Master Dog
Trainer, Vladae is speaking out. "I was sick to my stomach when I see these
stories," recalls the Dog Trainer; "I am feeling badly for the victim as well
as the dog." Behavior problems, including aggressive behavior, are the
leading reason for euthanasia of dogs in this country. According to Vladae,
this "canine homicide" is preventable simply by understanding what goes on in
your dog's mind prior to the bite. "If you treat your dog as a person, your
dog will treat you like another dog," firmly states Vladae.

The former KGB and Red Army Canine Trainer, also known as the Russian Dog
Wizard, has extensive experience in handling and even developing aggression in
dogs. His experience has enabled him to develop proven systems for
effectively removing aggression in dogs and helping dog owners strengthen
their own human-animal bond, and has also earned him guest appearances on The
Late Show with David Letterman, various Fox News Affiliates' feature stories
and the title "Best Dog Trainer in Michigan" from the State Legislature and
Governor of Michigan.

Vladae is calling out for Americans to help stop dog aggression and
prevent dog attacks by familiarizing themselves with his acclaimed canine
communication methods and "dog pack mentality" which have saved hundreds and
potentially thousands of aggressive dogs from certain destruction and earned
him much recognition as a Master Dog Trainer. Vladae Roytapel, the Russian
Dog Wizard, will be publicly announcing his National call to action for all
dog owners at Pet-a-Palooza -- Saturday, June 28th at Metropolitan Parkway
(16 Mile Road), Sterling Heights, MI 48312. More information regarding Vladae
Roytapel can be found at http://www.911DogWizard.com and

Vladae humbly requests the aid of all National media in promoting his
message for the prevention of dog attacks.

Contact Info
Joe Perez

SOURCE 911DogWizard.com

http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show ... 8912.shtml

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