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Most of the pit bulls seized in Caldwell euthanized

'We've really had a difficult time. It was a bad time for the animals,' animal control director says.

By Dee Henry
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

LENOIR -- About 40 of the pit bulls seized April 2 from a Granite Falls residence have been euthanized over the past month.

Caldwell County Animal Control Director Chad Barr said the department did all it could to prevent the deaths of the animals, but the resources for pit bulls are limited.

“About 40 were euthanized in cycles over a month’s time,” Barr said.

The dogs were seized as the result of a search conducted on the home of Rocky and Jennifer Sigmon in the Dudley Shoals community. Officials found more than 80 malnourished and injured pit bull terriers on the Sigmon’s property at 3250 Oran Yount Lane.

By the time officials obtained sufficient evidence that the dogs were involved in fighting and baiting and returned to seize them, only 43 of the animals remained on the property.

Animal Control took those animals. Five of the animals were adopted out to two rescue organizations, the only legal recipient of such dogs before they can be given to the general public. Two of those dogs were returned to animal control due to their aggressive nature, Barr said.

“We’ve really had a difficult time. It was a bad time for the animals,” he said. “It’s one of the most difficult situations we’ve encountered.”

Timing was a factor in the dogs’ deaths as most of the rescue organizations able to take the dogs were full and unable to take any more animals.

Barr said his department is using the situation as a learning experience.

He said the need for secure space for all animals brought to the shelter is highly important to him and his staff.

The Sigmons remain in the Caldwell County Jail under $250,000 secured bonds. Rocky Sigmon’s bond went up $10,000 when he was assessed with four felony counts of fighting and baiting. ... 3355766765

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