Santa Rosa, TX man wants seized pit bull back

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Santa Rosa man wants seized pit bull back
Editor's Note: This case is separate from the death of a Weslaco boy attacked by a pit bull

By Janine Reyes
Posted: Monday, June 23, 2008 at 10:04 a.m.

A Santa Rosa man is asking to get his dog back.

Authorities seized Gilbert Perez's pit bull after the animal allegedly bit three people.

Perez told Action 4 News that his dog is not a danger to the community.

But police tell a different story.

The dog is accused of biting a little girl, Santa Rosa's police chief and a man visiting the home.

Perez denies the claims admitting only to the bite on his friend.

The dog is in the city's quarantine.

Authorities told Perez he will need insurance before he can bring the dog back home.

But Perez told Action 4 News that insurance is something he hasn't been able to get.

Abraham Padron with SafeGuard Insurance told Action 4 News that finding a policy for a pit bull already accused of attacking is nearly impossible.

"Every insurance company wants your business but the minute you talk about a viscious animal, it reduces the ability for you to get insurance considerably," Padron said.

Insurance companies base their coverage on past complaints on the dog and the breed.

Pit bulls, dobermans, chows and dogs that are part wolf are termed, "dangerous dogs."

It is more difficult to get insurance for those breeds.

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