Australia Council `pet' is destroyed after attack

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Council `pet' is destroyed after attack
24/06/2008 11:15:00 AM

BLACKTOWN Council has been left red-faced after a dog advertised as the Pet of the Week at its pound had to be put down for aggression.

The incident angered Jim Austin, 65, of Lalor Park, who had intended to adopt the animal, a cattle dog named Maloo.

Mr Austin said he wanted the dog after seeing it advertised in a newspaper (not the Sun).

Blacktown Mayor Leo Kelly said that according to the pound staff, the dog had appeared normal during its observation period.

``The pound only decided it was unsafe when it became aggressive and tried to bite an attendant,'' he said.

``Animals are often unpredictable and a decision was made for public safety.''

Cr Russ Dickens, who's a veterinary surgeon, suggested that the council should get the service of an animal behaviorist to avoid future embarrassment.

``I support the decision to put it down after it savaged someone, but was concerned it was advertised as Pet of the Wee,'' Cr Dickens said.

But Mr Austin, who says he's familiar with the cattle dog breed, wants to know who gave the order to destroy the animal.

``I have another cattle dog, Nelly, 18 months old, who is very protective of its territory,'' Mr Austin said.

``It's bound to respond to unwanted sudden incursion of his area.'' ... 95781.aspx

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