NY Man, Dog Attacked By Queens Pit Bulls

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Man, Dog Attacked By Queens Pit Bulls

QUEEN, NY -- Police in Queens were searching Thursday for two pit bulls that attacked another dog and its owner as they walked along the street. NY1�s Queens reporter Ruschell Boone filed the following report.

Still bloodied from the attack, Joshua Rosenblatt of Astoria says he's thankful that both he and his one-year-old mixed chow bitch Phie Phie Bear weren't killed after being attacked by two pit bulls.

�These two dogs came straight at us and started mauling her and I was trying to pull her away and I couldn't get her away,� said Rosenblatt.

Rosenblatt said the incident happened while he was walking his dog on 24th Avenue near 27th street. He said the dogs bit him on his hand and ripped into Phie Phie Bear who was severely injured in the attack.

�Her chest was torn on both sides and lots of facial injuries. I'm not sure what's internal since all I saw was the chest ripped open,� said Rosenblatt.

Rosenblatt says he tried to fight off the dogs but he was no match for what he says were 140 pound animals.

�I was just screaming for help over and over, trying to get as many people involved as possible,� said Rosenblatt.

Workers inside a deli ran out to help him and his dog. Some passersby on the street also came to his aid.

�I tried to help. I threw my coffee but still it didn't work. So after a while, the people tried to help, but they were huge pit bulls,� said a local.

�We were just throwing hot water, hot water, and finally the dog broke loose and a guy came on the street and beeped a horn and they ran. But the small dog was in trauma,� said another.

After undergoing surgery, Phie Phie Bear is expected to live, but the attack has some residents and Queens Councilman Peter Vallone concerned. Although dog experts say training, not breed, determines whether a dog is dangerous, Vallone wants pit bull ownership banned in the city.

�The city really needs to do a lot more than it�s been doing to protect us from dangerous dogs like these,� said Vallone.

Neighbors said they believed the dogs came from a house on 27th Street. When police went by neither the dogs nor the owner of the house was there. They say their investigation will continue.

http://www.ny1.com/ny1/content/index.js ... &aid=82913
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