Seattle, WA Two School Plumbers Save Girl From Pit Bull Atta

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Two School Plumbers Save Girl From Pit Bull Attack

POSTED: 5:58 pm PDT June 18, 2008
UPDATED: 6:29 pm PDT June 18, 2008

SEATTLE -- A 9-year-old girl was on the playground at Lafayette Elementary School when a pit bull attacked her. She was bruised and sore, but not seriously hurt thanks to two men who bravely stepped in to save her.

Two school plumbers, Bob Cruse and Eric Julson, were working outside the elementary school Tuesday morning when they saw a pit bull nipping at the heels of 9-year-old Simone Evans.

Evans described the dog¢s teeth going towards her leg and just as quickly the men ran to her rescue.

Cruse put her in the back of the truck while Julson called 911, all while trying to escape the dog.

"I tried to get the dog's attention, get him to the other side of the truck, but he just didn't want to leave the truck alone," said Julson.

In the end, Evans walked away with a minor injury. She saw a doctor for some swelling and bruising, but made it back to Lafayette for her last day of school.

Evans said she is very appreciative for what the men did for her. "It was a really nice thing and it helped me a lot," she said. "And if they weren¢t there, I would have had to jump the fence and run to my friend¢s yard."

As for Cruse and Julson, they said anyone would have done the same thing.

"Good luck, good timing, good thing we were there," said Julson.

As for the dog, it didn't have any tags or a microchip, and no one has come forward yet to claim it.

If the owner did claim the dog, there's a good chance the dog would be released, if it doesn't have a history of biting. Otherwise it may end up being put to sleep.

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