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Postby Maryellen » January 7th, 2006, 8:09 pm ... 19A_17.htm

For those who own, or may suspect they own, a full-fledged member of
the "Canine Society Devoted to Biting Humans", I would strongly
suggest you read the following statute, which deals specifically with
the legal consequences resulting from your dog biting another person
(regardless of whether the bite was accidental or intentional, or if
the bitee a stranger or a friend invited to your home [or even your
favorite husband]).

If "Precious" misbehaves, and needs to be given a "Time-Out", the
following statute dealing with Impounding Dogs is most enlightening.
In addition, the issue of tags, kennels and pet shop regulations is
touched upon. ... 5_1_29.htm

This statute, though brief, speaks volumes. Be prepared to fork over
$700.00 for a license. That's right; in the absence of an ordinance,
your township may charge up to $700.00 for a one year license. Ouch,
that has got to hurt.

The following statute (which grants a limited Governmental waiver and
immunity to destroy dogs chasing farm or wild animals)I suspect will
rarely be encountered by non-rural dog owners.
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