Dogs Attack Police Horse (Toronto)

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Horse Hostility

Normally when you hear about a dog attack, the object is either another canine or an owner or family member.

But now authorities are dealing with a different victim and it’s one of their own – a horse.

A member of the Toronto Police Mounted Unit was patrolling the Exhibition grounds on Sunday when a woman walking a pit bull and a Mastiff apparently lost control of their leashes.

The dogs charged at the startled steed named Trooper and the officer sitting on top of him. The result was a few moments of utter chaos.

“The officer was involved in trying to maintain the control of the horse and stay seated in the saddle,” explains Staff Inspector Bill Wardle of the Mounted Unit.

“The horse was trying to avoid the dogs as they were coming. And the owner was trying to get control of the leashes and pull them away from the horse. And it was an intense few moments and then the officer was able to get away. The owner got one dog and the other was captured.”

Both dogs are now in the city’s custody.

“One appears to be a pit bull. The other is more of a Mastiff, perhaps crossed with Rhodesian Ridgeback,” relates Don Mitton of Animal Control Services.

“They're both here at the Animal Centre and will be kept here until we have determined exactly what legal recourse we should be taking and of course those decisions are made following the completion of our investigation.”

There’s no word on why the pit bull wasn’t muzzled, a requirement under the government’s new law banning the animals in Ontario.

Trooper is a 17-year-old horse with 14 years of police service. He’s being treated with antibiotics and painkillers, and is expected to be back on duty in about a week.

February 20, 2006

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Postby Jp » February 20th, 2006, 8:01 pm

another article on the incident. Notice the title, "Pitbull..."
Take into account that this article claims it was a man walking two dogs and the other dogs breed (type) was not mentioned.
:rolleyes2: ... 7-sun.html

Pit bull bites police horse

Trooper is turning out to be a real trooper.

The veteran Toronto police horse was attacked yesterday by two dogs -- including an unmuzzled pit bull -- while on patrol with his rider in the city's west end.

"The horse valiantly fought off the dogs," said Sgt. Peter Spurling. "He's going to make a full recovery."

Spurling said Trooper and his rider, Const. James Flett, were out patrolling near the CNE grounds at Manitoba Dr. and Fleet St. yesterday when they came across a man walking two dogs.


The dogs saw the horse and got away from their owner, attacking Trooper, Spurling said.

"(Flett) turned Trooper and cantered away from the dogs," Spurling said. "It's amazing he was able to stay on."

The man got control of one of the dogs, but the other ran away. It was quickly found and animal control officers were called.

The dog owner is facing charges, Spurling said.

Trooper suffered several cuts and puncture wounds to his legs, but is expected to return to work once he recovers.
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Postby Malli » February 20th, 2006, 11:58 pm

Man, those are 2 stupid dogs and one amazing horse.

I hope the horse is able to return to full duty...

Ontario sounds like its just itching to find the next horrible Pit Bull story.... I don't think we get nearly that many out here in BC (though I don't have tv, so I could have just missed them...)

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