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>The HBO documentary, "Dealing Dogs", premieres Tuesday, February 21st.
>Shot over six months, this harrowing undercover investigation exposes one
>of America's most notorious "Class B" dog dealers, who sells dogs from
>his Arkansas kennel to research labs around the country, and is known for
>regularly violating animal-welfare laws,
>Premieres Tuesday, February 21 at 10 p.m.(ET/PT).
> " --
>you can go to this website and see a preview of the documentary.
>Need your help -- and all you have to do is pass along the following
>information -- pretty easy.
>Please tell everyone you know about the following story and to please
>watch Dealing Dogs, the HBO documentary that premieres, February 21st.
>Please read the following, for educational purposes, and for me . . .
>because . . . for me . . . the dogs and cats that were deliberately
>tortured, starved, beaten and abused for 20 years, just hours away [from
>Memphis], DESERVE to have their story heard. The pet owners whose pets
>were stolen and died at Martin Creek Kennels, or were sold by Martin
>Creek Kennels to research facilities DESERVE to have this story heard.
>The animals that they acquired from "Free To Good Home Ads" under false
>pretenses DESERVE to have their story heard.
>Many of you who live here in the MidSouth, have heard about Martin Creek
>Kennels, Class B Dealers, and C.C. Baird before, and know what this
>documentary is all about. For those of you who don't, maybe you have
>heard about First Monday in Ripley, Mississippi. For those of you who
>don't know about First Monday, I bet you have at least heard about pet
>theft in the MidSouth, and I bet you have heard about animals being used
>for research.
>Let me put it all together for you to understand, C.C. Baird, owner of
>Martin Creek Kennels, a family owned and operated animal kennel, took
>animals from people, shelters, and as strays, under false pretenses from
>"free to good home ads", with the sole purpose of selling to research
>facilities. He actually took hearts out of heartworm positive dogs, to
>sell to research. For those of you who live in the Memphis area -- don't
>think that this was just going on in Arkansas, he "acquired" animals from
>the Memphis area. Martin Creek is only a few hours away. If you look on
>the list of research facilities he sold to, University of Tennessee is
>listed. This happened here, in Memphis and the surrounding area, not
>just Arkansas. The Baird Case is being called one of the worst cases of
>animal abuse in history.
>Whether you believe in animal research or not -- is not the issue here --
>please don't let the research issue get in the way of what this is really
>about -- please continue reading. The issue is that the animals in his
>care suffered deliberate abuse and death. The issue is that even though
>he had repeated violations, he continued to be licensed. The issue is
>that a lot of these animals were stolen pets, loved by their owners, like
>you and me. The issue is that most of these pets were strays that were
>taken from an animal shelter, or off the streets and never had a chance
>to find their owner or be adopted into a loving home. Even humane
>euthanasia would be better for those shelter animals, than the life of
>torture, neglect, and horror they were taken to. Please understand, that
>the following story could be your story -- this could have happened to
>your pet.
>C.C. Baird was the country's largest and most notorious Class B Dealer.
>He was actually licensed by the USDA. Class B Dealers sell animals to
>research facilities. Oh, and for those of you out there that think this
>kind of thing would never happen with anyone you know . . . C.C.Baird is
>a Reverend in a church, and even after he was busted, his neighbors and
>Church stood behind, not believing the proof of what he was doing - -they
>said he was very nice and loved him and what he did as an important
>person in their community.
>This went on and on, and everyone knew what was going on, no one could or
>would do anything. It took a California based animal welfare agency,
>Last Chance for Animals, to end the suffering. In September 2003, Last
>Chance for Animals' Special Investigations Unit concluded a 15 year
>investigation into Class B Dealers, cumulating in the bust of C.C. Baird.
> They acquired 70 hours of undercover footage, from Baird's facility,
>showing the abuse, illegal acts, and even recorded the dogs being shot
>and beaten and starved to death. This was the largest Federal, State,
>and Local investigation on any animal issue in U.S. History.
>Sounds great right . . . well almost. Over 700 animals were dying,
>starving, and living in deplorable conditions at Martin Creek Kennels in
>September of 2003 when this happened. Only 125 dogs and one cat were
>initially allowed to be seized -- only about 1/4th of the animals there.
>These 125 animals were determined by being in the worse shape and needing
>immediate, life saving medical attention. C.C. Baird still had
>approximately 600 animals there, living in deplorable conditions, still
>being deliberately abused and neglected, and dying, and still operating
>as a Class B Dealer.
>One of my foster dogs, Winston, is one of 3 treeing walker coonhounds we
>took from this first group of seized animals. I can tell you that for
>me, and the others who took any of the 125 dogs, all you could think
>about was that there were still 600 animals just like Winston that were
>still there suffering, and dying at Martin Creek Kennels -- impossible to
>comprehend. Every night I looked at him with his stuffed animal and dog
>bed,which he adored, and couldn't believe that he was here and safe. It
>was hard to stay involved in what was going on because the abuse was so
>overwhelming, and the proof right there, but yet the animals were still
>there. I have a hard time watching the documentary, or looking at the
>website, there are two scenes in the documentary, that I'm almost
>certain, are Winston being abused, it looks just like him. It is
>possible that it was one of the many hounds there, and honestly, whether
>it is him or not, I know, that he suffered the same abuse. I watch and
>read the story and know that Winston, and so many other animals suffered
>great torture and pain over the past 20 years at the hands of C.C. Baird,
>a reverend in a little Arkansas church. I don't even want to really
>think about the numbers that passed through there in the 20 years. You
>can see Winston at , under Pets In
>Foster Care.
>On January 28, 2005, a settlement was finally reached, and the remaining
>animals were relinquished. Out of the approximately 600 animals that
>were left there, for 15 months, only 89 dogs and 146 cats were left at
>this point.
>Wannda Turner with Northeast Arkansas For Animals(NAFA) in Jonesboro was
>placed in charge of inventorying, and placing the remaining animals. She
>asked me and Cyd Dunlap from the Oxford Animal Shelter to come help
>inventory the animals and take pictures. I knew this would be one of the
>hardest things I would ever expose myself to, and I almost declined. To
>actually go there, after seeing the pictures and undercover video, after
>meeting some of the first surviving dogs, knowing that while there for 2
>days, I would have to be polite and professional, and work with the
>people who were on the video, beating, starving, and shooting, and
>killing, these animals -- was hard to imagine. These men deliberately
>abused Winston, my foster dog -- how could I possibly go, and keep my
>emotions to myself. I also worried about how hard it would be to go,
>just for inventory, knowing that we would not be taking all of the
>animals out of there yet. Well, we went, and it was a very rewarding
>experience. And yes, of course, we both brought some of the remaining
>animals back with us. Oh, and for those of you who know Cyd and I --
>yes, we behaved professionally and kept our mouths shut -- because it was
>about the animals and their needs and we did what we had to do to help
>George Jones, a beagle and Princhepesa, a black and tan coonhound, both
>on under Pets In Foster Care, are
>from the the remaining 89 dogs left in 2005. I will never forget those
>two dogs and how out of the 89 dogs I photographed that day, I just
>couldn't leave them behind. Each dog was brought out to us, to see a
>vet, and be assessed and recorded, and photographed. The men who worked
>there, who were on the video and in the pictures, beating and killing
>these animals were our "helpers". I cannot tell you how hard it was to
>work with them as if nothing was wrong. To make conversation with them,
>as if nothing had happened. We could not say anything, or be emotional
>about what had happened and what was going on. The dogs were so scared
>and so unsocialized. George was being brought out to me, and as I
>squatted down to get ready to take his picture, he broke free from the
>man, and came running to me, and dove into my arms, baying a beagle bay
>the whole time. He acted like he knew me, and was so happy to see me.
>As I hugged him and petted him, he was just frantic and kept grunting and
>kissing me. He was very vocal about being taken from my arms and did not
>want to go back to his cage.
>I knew I could not leave them behind, and brought them home and named him
>George Jones, due to his very vocal, singing ability. I named the black
>and tan coonhound Princhepesa, italian for princess, from the movie Life
>Is Beautiful. For those of you who have not seen the movie, a man who
>calls his wife his princhepesa, is taken along with his son and wife to a
>concentration camp. At the end of the movie, the feeling you are left
>with and the message really is about Life Being Beautiful, no matter what
>it deals us, so thus the name. For Prinche, as we call her, life finally
>is beautiful.
>We, like many other rescues who took in the Baird Dogs, have had a lot of
>issues to overcome. With Winston, George, and Prinche, we continue to
>work on behavior problems that are the direct result of the abuse and
>neglect they lived. My heart breaks when I look at these 3 sweet dogs
>and know the abuse they suffered. Winston is not in good health, and he
>gets scared and confused. You cannot make big movements with your arms
>or yell, or point at them, or make them feel trapped in anyway. If you
>walk into a room quickly or wake them up abruptly, it scares them.
>Winston suffered so much abuse, but he does love and trust me after all
>he has been through. His whole life's happiness revolves around a
>blanket or stuffed animal. They are all full of love now though, and
>can't get enough petting and attention. They have all learned how nice
>blankets, beds, couches, and toys are and love treats. They are
>certainly a lot of work and a challenge, but they are worth it.
>While we were at Martin Creek Kennels that day, we were so excited that
>HBO was there documenting and recording this -- for the world to see. I
>know the average MidSouth pet owner out there is going to be completely
>shocked that this went on for 20 years right here in our backyard -- and
>continues to go on. People need to see this documentary, be outraged,
>and work to make a difference in the world to relieve animal suffering.
>These animals suffered the most deliberate, cruel treatment I have ever
>seen and DESERVE to have their story seen and heard.
>"The HBO documentary, "Dealing Dogs", premieres Tuesday, February 21st.
>Shot over six months, this harrowing undercover investigation exposes one
>of America's most notorious "Class B" dog dealers, who sells dogs from
>his Arkansas kennel to research labs around the country, and is known for
>regularly violating animal-welfare laws,
>Premieres Tuesday, February 21 at 10 p.m.(ET/PT).
> " --
>you can go to this website and see a preview of the documentary.
>I have already seen the documentary, and it was hard, and certainly
>brought it all back. Watching it all again, and having been at Martin
>Creek Kennels, knowing that hundreds of dogs that Winston, Prinche, and
>George lived with, died a cruel death there for 20 years is hard.
>The first part of the documentary was about the undercover investigator
>and how he was able to record and acquire the evidence. For me it was
>not what I was as interested in seeing, and was a little technical, and I
>felt that very first part was a little on the boring side -- but please
>stick with it, it does then go into footage from First Monday in Ripley,
>TN and into Dealers and their world, and shows the footage of people
>admitting to stealing pets and what they really do and how much money
>they make. The best stuff is in the rest of the documentary, not the
>first part, and I fear someone will not watch the whole thing. Please
>watch the whole thing -- it really gets good and I cannot tell you -- you
>will not believe it when you see it. You will not believe that after the
>very little bit you see in this brief documentary -- that the judgement
>he got was enough. You will not believe that this place was ever allowed
>to operate after inspections. You are going to be in total shock and
>disbelief. I beg you though, to go to the Last Chance website now and
>read about this case -- it is
>much more informative and has detailed this investigation, with reports,
>pictures, and video. We have all seen shows on research facilities and
>meat companies, etc -- this is different -- this shows what your
>neighbor, your reverend, and people who work for him could be doing.
>This isn't some big meat company abusing animals. This shows people on
>camera talking about stealing children's pets and selling them. This
>shows the reality of what is happening to animals in our communities and
>the pets that disappear. A note about the documentary: There is a scene
>at First Monday where a man that works for Baird is talking to a guy that
>walks up and asks them about buying his black lab, that man that tells
>him that they are selling them for research, is the man that "helped" me
>all day at Martin Creek Kennels.
>This case of neglect and deliberate abuse got national attention in 2003,
>please don't let it be forgotten. You can read more details about the
>abusive life Winston, Princhepesa, and George Jones were living in by
>going to: I have to warn you
>though, this is one of the most heart wrenching, disturbing, and painful
>stories you will ever see. You will feel as helpless as the animals who
>were there, but I hope you will go there and read their story. There are
>pictures and video available at this site, and it is very graphic, but
>you don't have to look at the pictures if you can't handle seeing them,
>just don't click on that page. Remember, you don't have to look at the
>pictures to make a difference, but please go there and read the
>C.C. Baird was charged with hundreds of violations of the Animal Welfare
>On January 28, 2005, a consent decision was signed and finalized, and
>included the following terms C.C. Baird received:
>1) He and his wife and their two daughters had their animal dealer
>licenses permanently revoked.
>2) Fines amounted to $262,700, the largest fines every imposed by the
>USDA/APHIS, which included a personal civil penalty of $12,700.
>3) A five year probation including a penalty of $250,000 without further
>procedure if any Baird is caught engaging in any activities under which
>their licenses were revoked.
>According to Last Chance for Animals, Baird sold animals to nearly 50
>facilities around the country. He got animals for free, or paid $10-$20
>for them, and turned around and sold them to research labs for $250-$800
>per animal, and was selling at least 3,000 dogs a year.
>**Note from the Animal Welfare Institute Quarterly: "Since government
>workers raided Bairdâ?Ts property and seized over 100 animals in August
>2003, he has earned at least a quarter of a million dollars from animal
>salesâ?"easily an equal sum to the fine he just paid."
>We can't thank Chris DeRose of Last Chance for Animals enough for the
>work he and his investigators do to relieve animal suffering. The
>investigator who worked undercover at Martin Creek Kennels is our hero!
>Thanks Last Chance for making a difference in our community for the
>I watched that documentary, and wonder why no one questions the
>responsibility the research facilities have. At what point are they
>going to be held responsible for where they get their animals? I was
>disappointed that HBO didn't go into the fact that Baird should not and
>is not the only one responsible. There were inspectors that continued to
>license him, vets that worked with him, he had a lot of support, and too
>many agencies turned a blind eye toward what he was doing.
>Please remember to keep your pets safe from pet theft -- don't leave them
>out unattended. There are so many animals stolen and sold to research
>Thanks to all of you for reading this and passing it along,
>Linda Money
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